NEMWCL The North-East Mid-Week Cricket League 2021

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Ponteland CC History

Ponteland CC.

Un-officially known as the "Eagles", after an almost mythical member of the cricket club (however, think more Sisyphus than Hercules), this lovable bunch of rogues was founded as a team in the NEMWCL for the start of the 2010 season and beyond.

The team looks to encompass enjoyable, evening cricket for all ages and abilities within the club - with players who actually remember the Bodyline series as best as their memories can stretch, playing and passing along wisdom (sic) to those barely out of Primary School (both in age and attention span...)

We look forward to the new season and the many teams we will play and people we will meet.

Officially renamed to Pont Eagles for the 2011 season

  Safeguarding and DBS Clearances
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(Mon 29 November)
  Minutes of Management Committee Meeting Nov 9th
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(Sun 14 November)
  NCB Umpire and Scorers Courses Announced
(Thu 4 November)
  Management Committee (MC) Meeting
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(Fri 15 October)
  Phil Wisbach 1955-2021
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(Wed 15 September)
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