NEMWCL The North-East Mid-Week Cricket League 2018

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List of Umpires who may be Contacted


Having neutral umpires is not a general League requirement. The exception is for a Cup Quarter‑ or a Cup or Plate Semi‑Final, when the Home Team is responsible for arranging for two neutral umpires. In this case, or when requested, the Management Committee can assist in obtaining suitable umpires. Costs will be shared equally between the two teams.

In any match, the employment of at least one neutral umpire is encouraged. Teams may request neutral umpires for any game. If both sides are in agreement, then they shall be equally liable for all associated costs. If one team refuses to agree to neutral umpires, the other team can insist, but shall then be liable for all associated costs. If only one neutral umpire is available, then he should, if willing, move in the field to remain at the bowler's end, with the other umpire standing at square leg.

A listing of qualified umpires who may be contacted can be downloaded here. Additions can be made by recommendation during the playing season and will be announced promptly.

Evening match fees: £15 per umpire; or £20 if only one stands at the bowler's end throughout.

Teamsheets to be used for declaring U18 players can be downloaded:



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