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Some useful links related to cricket in general. If you wish to register a web site of interest click on the contact us link in the left margin.
  • Community Cricket Trust - Community Cricket Trust is a Registered Charity (No. 1119716) of which On-Side Cricket Limited (OSCL) and the Institute of Cricket Umpires & Scorers Limited (ICUS) are wholly-owned subsidiaries. The purpose of this charity-led consortium is to create a dedicated, not-for-profit, 'one-stop-shop' facility able to source and provide a wide range of complementary practical support services, facilities, resources and benefits for community cricket clubs throughout the United Kingdom to supplement those provided by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the 38 County Cricket Boards, the ECB Trust and Cricket Scotland.
  • Cricket History - A comprehensive list of resources relating to the history of cricket.
  • ECB's Safe Hands - Welfare of Young People in Cricket - The ECB has produced Safe Hands - Welfare of Young People in Cricket Policy as part of its commitment to ensuring that the game provides a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience for children and vulnerable adults in particular.
  • ECD - One Game - Code of Contact - The Management Committee would like to remind all clubs and their members that, being a League affiliated to the ECB, we are bound by the ECB Code of Conduct. This applies to conduct both on and off the field and, for example, demands proper and sensible use of modern information technology.
  • Institute of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (ICUS) - ICUS - the Institute of Cricket Umpires & Scorers - is the new professional body working for the interests of cricket umpires and scorers everywhere and, in particular, training those umpires and scorers active in the recreational game. The Armchair Umpire explains some of the cricketing terms. Experts comment on real incidents and explain why decisions were given.
  • Northumberland Cricket Board - The Northumberland Cricket Board Limited oversees cricket across the county, including participation in schools and community clubs and the provision of support to those essential to its delivery, such as umpires and ground staff.
  • On-Side Cricket Limited (OSCL) - One of Onside-Cricket''s (OSCL''s) principal activities is to provide its *Member community cricket clubs and their officials with the opportunity to avail themselves of our ''one-stop-shop'' bulk procurement service for such capital items of ground and ground maintenance equipment as powered rollers, square and outfield mowers, scarifiers, water misers, manual-digital scoreboards/score-boxes, sight-screens, covers, and floodlights. By joining together with, perhaps, 10 other OSCL member clubs seeking to purchase the same or similar items at the same time, each benefits from the resulting significant bulk discounts and savings
  • - Play-Cricket is the ECBs on-line cricket network for all Clubs, Leagues, Cup Competitions and County Boards. It is the official source of all information and statistics on club cricket for all cricketers and supporters.
  • Sport England - The nations biggest supporter - Sport England is an organisation committed to creating opportunities for people to start in sport, stay in sport and succeed in sport. They provide the strategic lead for sport in England and are responsible for delivering the Government's sporting objectives. They believe sport has the power to change people's lives.
  • Sports Therapy Directory - A sports therapist aims to provide care for sport and recreational participants to help them recover as quickly and fully as possible. This page looks at what sport therapy entails, common sports injuries and different treatments that may be used.
  • The North East Premier League - The official web site of the North East Premier League (NEPL), the only ECB premier league in the North East of England.
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