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Ponteland CC

The Ponteland CC squad is made up of the following players.

No Picture Andy Denyer
The self professed 'Number 1 spinner' goes through can bowl/can't bowl phases depending on the position of the moon.
No Picture Andy Morgan
LHB / Andy is the quintessential club man, willing to do all and sundry for Ponteland. Now into his 73rd season as a cricketer, he still continues to show the whole club how to catch, bat, bowl, cut a wicket, score and more. Nickname - Morgs, Il Papa, El Presidente
No Picture Ashley Parker
The 'Callerton Express' plays when not chucking your bags into airplane holds. Constantly complains aboput his batting position, no-one listens. 2012 co-captain with Wataz
No Picture Chris Barlow
LHB LM / The club statto, Chris can even rival the late, great Bill Frindall when picking out a certain innings / bowling spell. Club webmaster and photographer, has even been known to venture outside now and then to play cricket.
No Picture Chris Morgan
RHB, W/K / Spawn of Andy, Chris is an aggressive batsmen and gloveman. Ponteland's own media specialist, responsible for liaising with local papers, radio, Twitter, Facebook et al for all manner of Ponteland sport. A north-eastern Simon Barnes in the making. Nickname - Morgs, Jnr, Chrissy.
No Picture Craig Moffat
RMF / OB RHB / The most stylishly dressed and suave man in the club; Craig cuts a dashing figure as he shuffles across the pitch in Converse, 3/4 pants and a band t-shirt. Opening bowler that can be relied on as a utility player if there are no right armers, left armers, spinners or medium pacers. Has been known to bat on several occasions. Nicknames - Moff, Moffla
No Picture Daniel Wright
LHB, W/K, Known for his quick keeping reactions, fast running and a piece of metal in his face, Dan is one of the junior successes at the club. However, still refuses to shower after a match. Nickname - Dan,
No Picture Dave Waters
Appears to constantly roam the streets of Ponteland with his cricket bag and miraculously turned up straight off a plane from Spain for a game we only had 10 for expecting to be playing. Ensured his permanent selection for the side by becoming 2012 captain
No Picture Dom Smith
Took more wickets than 'Number 1 Spinner' in 2011 although on one occasion dropped his pie onto the head of his opponent before bowling him with the next one!
No Picture Duncan McGregor
AKA 'Frank the Tank' or Big Dunc. Mr reliable with the ball, checks his golf swing in the outfield. Sightings on the field were limited in 2011
No Picture Ed-Not Tom Common
RHB RF Brother of Tom "Not Ed", this man is 1 part of Pontelands answer to Jedward - alike in cricket ability and the cause of general public annoyance. Nickname - Tomface, Ted
No Picture Faizal Padikaran
'Faiz' had been with us for a year before he told us we'd spelt his name wrong. Always plays with a smile on his face and has a habit of making batsman who have batted hours for 4 runs look stupid by hitting a boundary in his first 3 balls
No Picture Iftikhar Fazal
'Ifty' joined the Club in June 2011, we wait to see if his orange go faster striped boots have the desired effect !
No Picture Jack Schofield
Occasional appearances, more regularly seen in the 3XI and 2XI. Current holder of the best Eagles bowling figures
No Picture James Eagle Ealey
1XI Captain, occasionally turns out for practice normally without getting any. The origins of the Eagles come from the local media's inability to spell his name incorrectly although this probably had more to do with Stuart Taylor ringing in the results.
No Picture James Ritzema
The Eagles have long hoped to recruit 'Ritzy Jnr' to its ranks since its inception. An SOS for the final game of the 2011 season finally got him into action. Having found out we'll let him bowl it is now hoped to see more of him in 2012....
No Picture Jonny Appleby
RHB, RMF / Son of the (in)famous Geoff Appleby, our esteemed groundsman, Jonny belies his youthful looks by seemingly being at the club as long as the 1950's era oufield cutter. Very effective cricketer; easily the best fielder in the club. Nickname - Apples
No Picture Jonny Furness
U18 RHB RM / "Geoff" is one of the promising juniors to come through the Ponteland 'cricket academy'. Steady opening bowler who, strangely enough, can hold a bat as well. Known for his continual annoyance of John Parker and curly hair. Nicknames - Geoff, Barrow-In,
No Picture Keith Crerar
No Picture Marc Dixon

No Picture Mark Waters

No Picture Matt Darwood
No Picture Matty Bell
Scored his first fifty for the club, only to find skipper Stuart Taylor had rung his name in to the press as Marvin Bill. Normally allowed out to play once a season
No Picture Olly Parker
'Mini Ash' is rapidly gaining height. Seems to be making not taking a wicket for the Eagles into his speciality. Complains about his batting position like his brother, no one listens to him either
No Picture Peter Nesbitt

No Picture Phil Barlow

No Picture Roger Bell

No Picture Ross Harrington
No Picture Stephen Edwards
Scorer of the only Eagles century so far and heading into work enforced exile for 2012
No Picture Stuart Taylor
PC Taylor, is the club's six machine at the top of the order. His dominant 2011 season was ended by in his own words 'the express pace' of Mark Waters' which gave him 3 extra joints in his right thumb. Still batted in the game before going to hospital
No Picture Tom-Not Ed Common
RHB RM / W/K / Brother of Ed "Not Tom", this man is 1 part of Pontelands answer to Jedward - alike in cricket ability and the cause of general public annoyance. Continually asks to keep wicket; currently sponsored by Teflon for the 2010 season. Nickname - Edface,
No Picture Will Urwin
If you want a quiet evening don't let the 'Stamfordham mouth' keep and despatch him to long-off. A rapidly improving cricketer who gave up cricket indefinitely due to having 'other matters to resolve' but was back for the next possible game 3 days later!

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